Selasa, 12 September 2017

Which of these men was executed by the british for being an american spy during the american revolution?

Statues of Nathan Hale are based on idealized archetypes; no contemporaneous pictures of him had been determined.[2][25] documents and letters display Hale turned into an knowledgeable, sensible, element-orientated man who deliberate in advance.[2] Of his appearance and demeanor, fellow soldier Lieutenant Elisha Bostwick wrote that Nathan Hale had blue eyes, flaxen blond hair, darker eyebrows, and stood barely taller than average peak (of the time), with intellectual powers of a sedate

i will now in creativeness see his character & hear his voice- his individual I have to say became a little above the common stature in height, his shoulders of a mild breadth, his limbs strait & very plump: regular capabilities—very honest pores and skin—blue eyes—flaxen or very light hair which