Inward Bound

I started making hand-bound books in the late 1990's in my quest for the "perfect journal" that I was sure would inspire me to Think Deep Thoughts. Making books proved to be more fulfilling (and more realistic) than thinking deep thoughts, so I began to expand my repertoire to include a variety of formats, including journals, sketchbooks, travel journals, guest books and others. From there I taught myself to make boxes in several sizes and a couple of different styles. A wide variety of papers and formats make each item unique.

There's always something new: New papers, new styles, new colors and textures, new venues. In 2011, I "wandered" into a new area of interest that I know will find its way into my work: Zentangle®. This form of meditative drawing is both calming and compelling, and I am eager to see where it takes me. An example is included below, and you can read more about it here.

This web site will introduce you to my work. You'll also find hints for making your own books and boxes, ideas for keeping a journal, links to world of the Zentangle art form, and news about the world of book arts.


divided jewelry box with compartments tea box really cool new papers Zentangle

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About Inward Bound

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